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Maid of Honor’s Guide to a Hassle-Free Bachelorette Party

“Here comes the bride. Here comes the bride.” That oh-so-familiar wedding melody. Today however, modern day brides are choosing more personalized selections in their weddings. Brides are embracing individuality much more and its becoming evident in music choices, wedding themes, and also in wedding attire. (Long-gone are the days where brides maid have the same dresses. Now-a-days, brides are allowing their bridal party to choose attire that fits them specifically as long as it is in the same color or hue.) These customizations are usually beautiful, creative touches to weddings. However some wedding traditions  remain the same.
Most brides (and grooms) still choose to celebrate their final night “single” with a party of sorts. I had the honor of being in a beautiful wedding this spring, and I was chosen as “Matron of Honor” (which is a married woman’s version of “Maid of Honor”. As MOH, I was given some of the follow tasks:

  • Serving as Liason between the Bride and other women in bridal party.
  • Selecting the attire for the bridesmaids.
  • Making sure bridesmaids showed up for scheduled dress fittings, rehearsals, etc.
  • Planning the Bachelorette party
  • Attending to Bride’s needs on the day of the wedding.


Hopefully after reading the above list you have a new found respect for Maids/Matrons of Honor. I executed my tasks gracefully, and in a timely manner-for the most part. However, I had never hosted a Bachelorette  Party before, and honestly, I had only attended one such party in my life time. I searched my mind for ways to execute this party in a fun, yet hassle free way. Listed below are a few things that helped me out with my first Bachelorette Party. I took a minimalistic approach to this party. I wanted to keep the cost low, and the guests entertained. With the steps below, I was able to achieve both.


Send Electronic Invitations:

We live in the electronic age, and most people have some sort of social media account or email. It is often faster and easier to send invitations via Facebook. Facebook provides instant information bout RSVP, and also information can be changed and dispersed rather quickly (in the event that time time or location of the event has to be modified.) You can upload pictures of a formal paper invitation to Facebook and you can send a few hardcopy invitations to guests who have no access to the internet. This will save both time acquiring physical addressed and addressing envelopes, this can also save money on printing hard copy invitations and postage.


Skip The Games:

I know you are probably thinking I must be crazy to skip the “fun” part of the party. However from a hostess point of view, games can be quite a hassle. I haven’t hosted Bachelorette parties before, but I have host enough baby showers to know what it entails to play games. Playing games means having pens, paper, or other props; and we cannot forget that every game has a winner! So for each game you must provide some type of prize. So for the purpose of being HASSLE-FREE, I would suggest you skip the games. If you absolutely must play a game or two, I would suggest limiting them to IceBreaker games that don’t require props, or prizes.

If you are wondering what to do in place of playing games. READ ON…


Plan a Passion Party:

I knew that I did not want to play too many games, but I knew I needed a fun way to entertain my guests. Then it hit me- Host a Passion Party! For me this would be like a party within a party. I would have my guests spend the first part of the evening, receiving information about adult sexual enhancement products.

This was both a fun and creative way to entertain the guests. The format of this party was to allow a Pure Romance Representative to come and give demonstrations of a wide array of enhancement products. The products ranged from mild to wild.

If you are like me, you may think that this party was a glorified way to sell dildos and vibrators. Much to my surprise this party was much different than that. The hostesss showcased creams, lotions, soaps, body sprays-almost all of them specially formulated with pheromones. Toward the end of the demonstration, there were toys! A few things that made this a great idea:

  • The Pure Romance consultant did not charge anything to come out and set-up for the demonstration.
  • The guest had an opportunity to make purchases for themselves as well as for the Bride. This is a great idea for quests who still have not purchased a gift for the bride.
  • There may be incentives for the party host. ( For every item sold, the hostess/and or bride  may receive discounts, or free gifts.)


Hire a Caterer:

As I mentioned this post is about hosting a Hassle-Free party. For me, cooking for this event was not an option. I opted to have this event catered. The menu which I selected was:

  • Spinach Dip/Chips
  • Pasta Salad
  • Fruit Tray (Strawberrie, Blueberries, Pineapples, Green and Red Grapes)
  • Cheese Tray
  • Finger Sandwhiches
  • Complimentary white wine



Last, but not least- ADULT Entertainment:

Now, some prudes may want to skip this part. Good thing I’m not a prude! After the product demonstration, I wasnted to end the night with some adult entertainment. I found my entertainment for the evening from the internet of course. The Birmingham based service that I used was very professional, and they sent a wonderful dancer to close out our evening. If you choose to go this route allow me to offer a few suggestions.

  • Make sure you notify your guests in advance for that they will need tip money for the dancers, in small bills.
  • Be sure to have adequate changing area for the dancer.
  • Make sure your neighbors are aware that there will be a party as the noise level at these types of parties can get pretty loud.
  • Be sure to ask relevant questions about what the dancer is expected to be paid in tips. In some cases if the dancer does not make his minimum expected amount of tips, he may end his show early, or you may be responsible for the difference.



I hope these tips help you plan your Bachelorette party. I would also like to take a brief moment to acknowledge some of my local vendors who helped bring this event together. For those of you who live locally-please consider them for your next event.


Pure Romance By Andrea Carter

(205) 578-8697




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