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Love Letter To Myself

Dear Self,
     I love you. You are beautiful. I love your brown skin, the color variations in your face, the natural highlights above your cheeks. You are beautiful. I love the stretch marks on the lower part of your tummy. They are a beautiful reminder of your fertility, a mere fraction of your womanhood. You are womanly.
     I love your voice and the depth of your tone. I hear maturity when you speak. You are mature. Yet, your laughter indicates youth, you’ve stayed in touch with the innocence and lightheartedness of your childhood, as indicated by your smile. Your are your fully spontaneous.
     I love the coils of your hair, the spirals that are reminiscent of our galaxy. I love running my fingers over each strand. Your are uniquely made. I love the warmth of your touch, the tenderness of your words, the calming effect of your advice. You are wise.
   I love that you love yourself without the validation of others. I love your creativity, the way words seep from your pen like heartfelt tears from an artists eyes, you are talented. Singing songs in the morning just because the sun has risen, and humming sweet melodies at night to soothe your children, you are so gifted.
    I love that your have chosen to preserve your body, make it a temple and not a playground. Regaining your purity and preserving your integrity. I love you, in ways that no one else ever has. Beyond flaws and imperfections I see greatness and sincerity. Beyond the failures of your past, I see success and perseverance. Beyond the pieces of your broken heart, I see healing and wholeness. I see you, for everything you are and everything you will ever be. You, my queen, are beautiful.

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