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He Wants A Baby & You Don’t!

Who wins the debate? Who decides when to enlarge the family?

Ok, I’m gonna begin by being honest. I promised my significant other that I would have another child if God allowed me to carry one. I assured him that I would not stand between him and his dream to be the biological parent of a child. Now, this subject causes me extreme anxiety.

I am a 31 year old woman. Judging by my reproductive history I would assume that I could probably conceive and deliver a child with no problems. I’m not bragging or being insensitive to those who have had issues. What I am saying is that this post is not about us having issues conceiving, this post is about the willingness to do that.

People evolve throughout their lifetimes. They often aren’t the same people from one year to the next. This is a good thing. This is part of the evolutionary process. Hopefully we take what we learn from life experiences and use them to help us become better people and make better decisions.

So is it a major crime that since I said my nuptials, I’ve become less eager to do as I promised? Is it wrong of me to decide how I wish to plan (or not plan) my parenthood? Does it make me a liar to make a promise that I wasn’t absolutely certain I could carry out?

Depending on the age of the woman that I am talking to, the answers of those questions vary greatly. Most older women would tell me that it is my job to bear children for my husband (as long as there are no medical conditions hindering me.) Some of the younger to middle age women I’ve had this conversation with have said that it’s my decision how I allow my body to be used. Most surprising to me, are the amount of men who have stated that  I am wrong for even considering not bearing anymore children.

God has blessed me with a wonderful man. Despite all of my indecision, he remains very understanding and supportive of me. Just food for thought. Who should “win” the debate.




5 Comments on He Wants A Baby & You Don’t!

  1. You can’t always trust what you read online. However, I really do trust you!

  2. How many of you people have kids? its not a leash it is a hrsenas, a safety device to keep a child close. Id rather pay the 14.95 for a hrsenas, then the cost of a funeral when a little hand yanks away and ends up dead in the street

  3. This is a good topic. I think each couple has to find their way. My husband never wanted to have kids. Still doesn’t not. It makes me sad because I think I would like to have one sometimes, but I don’t think it is going to happen.

  4. Sometimes, the very best posts are not typically the most popular, but this really is great in my book.

  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. I was in a similar situation.

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