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Happy Friday: Shifting Focus

Shifting focus. My love interests. Some of my feelings about current events. Happy Freaking Friday-Post!

Happy Freaking Friday Y’all! It’s been a few days since I’ve written any posts. I’ve been enjoying learning my new camera. I’ve been focusing a lot more on my YouTube channel, trying to spread the love equally between my passion (writing) and my new hobby (vlogging). Thanks for being patient with me while I find the perfect balance between these two elements of my life.

I’ll make it short and sweet today. I’ll try to take the next paragraph to sum up my past week:


My oldest is turning 11 next week, and I realize I’m gettin older. I also realize that I don’t act my age- which is ok with me. I’m very much young at heart. Ive been paying more attention to news than usual. I am happy solid conclusions have been made in regards to the deaths of Sandra Bland and Kindra     . Regardless of how they came about thier untimely deaths I recognize that it is no less painful for thier families.

I am saddend by the theatre shooting in LaFayette yesterday. It really makes me put things in perspective. I complain quite a bit each day about things which are nothing more than minor inconveniences. I sometimes forget that people are losing their lives all around me. Being reminded of the tragedy in the world helps me be grateful.

As far as my love interest, hubby and I have reached a beautiful place of peace in our relationship. Its been a long time coming. The fact that I’ve worked so much this week that I’ve only spent two nights at home has probably helped us miss each other.

I’ve far exceeded my “one paragraph” summary. I hope that you will go to my YouTube Channel and subscribe . I am looking forward to some arts and crafts this weekend for some very special people. Have a blessed weekend y’all.







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