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Grown Folks Church!

Oh yes, Culver Road Church’s Women’s conference was the place to be this past Saturday. This was a one day conference event and the theme was “Messages Behind the Make-Up: Healing Relational Scars.” The format was an open panel discussion with a combination of guided questions as well as questions from the audience members. The panel consisted of five women with varied experience and years of service in the ministry.

Some of the topics discussed included: jealousy among women, cheating spouses, sex, and more discussion about sex. These women opened their hearts and about mid-way through the conference, women in the audience were opening up about their personal experiences with the hope of encouraging other women who may be fighting an emotional or spiritual battle.

I was called upon to be the moderator for this event. Although I had a list of scripted questions, I was nervous as heck. I’d never moderated a panel discussion before and I knew that the cadence of the conversation largely depended on me. The Spirit of God took control and we were all led to do as the Spirit guided us. Needless-to-say, I ditched my pre-written discussion questions and simply went with the flow. It proved to be a wise decision, as many topic were brought out that I wouldn’t have imagined would have been discussed- but I’m glad they were.

The registration fee was well worth the price. For twenty dollars, we received two meals (breakfast and lunch). No long wait in the lunch line! After the conclusion of the discussion session, we went into the fellowship hall for lunch and our food was on the table, pre-served, warm, and ready for us. I’ve attended the women’s conference at Culver Road Church before. But I must say, my church, and the amazing panelist of women, really showed out this year. I’m already looking forward to next year’s conference.

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