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First Year of Blogging

     Initially, I began my blog as a creative outlet and also as a means to prepare myself for writing a book. Being new to the idea of blogging on a more public forum, I had no inkling what I was doing or what direction this blogging experience would take me. I can admit, I’m still feeling my way through this adventure and I’m taking it all one blog post at a time.

     Blogging, for me, has been a wonderful way to voice my opinions and chronicle the triumphs and pitfalls I’ve experienced in my day-to-day life. It has also been a unique way to record the lessons I’ve learned from the various things I’ve lived through.

     One thing I can say that I regret, is that my blog has been the first item in my life to be re-prioritized into a position of lesser importance when life got tough over the past year. For instance, when I made the decision to exit my marriage, I was very stressed and depressed. I had a lot of decisions to make for myself and my children in a relatively short time. I knew that writing would have helped me gather my thoughts and maintain my focus, but honestly, I was embarrassed, and too afraid to write the emotions that I was really experiencing.

      Although I consider myself to be a realist who has no problem being honest, I just couldn’t bring myself to expressing my reality. At the time, my reality was that I was very unhappy with the position I found myself in. Looking back, I wish I had taken the opportunity to tell the truth. Few things bother me more than people who wear a façade of perfection, as if they never have bad days. I was surprised when I became that person.

      During the past year, I’ve been blessed enough to have the opportunity to re-join the ranks of my collegiate peers. In the fall of 2015, I was re-admitted into the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I began my academic studies at UAB twelve years ago and at that time, I was pursuing a nursing degree. At the present, I am pursing a degree in business marketing. Though I am very excited about the prospect of admission into one of the top business schools in the nation, the transition to becoming a full-time student has been hectic and has required a lot of time and dedication.

     Around the same time as I decided to pursue a divorce from my husband,and re-enter college, I also made the decision to return to my business endeavor. Before earning my certification as a paramedic, I worked as a manicurist in my family’s hair and nail salon. I enjoyed designing nails, and providing my friends, family, and clients, with quality manicure and pedicure service. I have been doing nails since I was a teenager, and it’s a natural gift that I possess. However, I had to leave the salon for an extended period of time to pursue my other career endeavors. Though the journey back into the salon has been both long and tedious, I am looking forward to spending my days doing what I enjoy.

      The last twelve months of my life have taken me on some unexpected journeys. I have been scared, embarrassed, anxious, and at times, depressed. I have spent months trying to find balance between all the different areas of my life. Although I haven’t been able to blog nearly as much as I have wanted to, I just wanted  I want to take this time to extend my gratitude to my friends, family, and supporters of my blog. I want to say “Thank You” to those who have been with me from my first blog post, as well as those that have supported me along the way.  Your emails, phone calls, and words of encouragement have made all the difference in the world. It’s been one year since I began this journey into the world of blogging and I’m looking forward to continuing what I began.


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2 Comments on First Year of Blogging

  1. Glad to see that this worked out for you.

  2. Happy Blog-adversary! I Love your voice through words! You inspire me and always have. I pray that you continue to strive to be the woman God created you to be. I believe your purpose lies deep in your roots and venturing back and getting back to “Kay” is a good idea for you. I want you to know that although I do not see you everyday or talk to you, that I love you. I have always looked up to(no pressure intended). I think you are so unique and crafty.
    Nevertheless keep on writing. XOXOXOXOX ~Shell

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