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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Kineski

From funny to embarrassing to personal and insightful. 25 things about me- that I usually don’t share! Feeling light hearted today, so enjoy!


25. I sucked my fingers Til around middle school.

24. In 10th grade I got in trouble for writing that I wanted to be an exotic dancer to finance my way through college.

23. I love interracial relationships.

22. I’ve always dreamed of living in Miami!

21. My first time flying, the plane I was on had to take an emergency landing. They called it “unscheduled” landing. I think I’m still emotionally scarred!

20. I have A positive blood, and I wish to have my organs donated once I die (but I probably won’t be a candidate because I plan on using my organs up and getting all the life out of them before I die!)

19. I prayed fervently to have male children- I never wanted girls because of the things I did growing up! Ha!

18. Technically I was a teen mom. (Technically. I got pregnant at 19-does that really count?)

17. Chocolate is my favorite ice cream flavor and I like lots of cream in my coffee. (The latter was really more of a joke about my support of interracial relationships)

16. I was a late bedwetter! Yep, sad but true.

17. I have had at least two anxiety attacks in my life! Not fun.

16. My favorite book is Island of the Blue Dolphin.

15. My bar tab almost always includes 2 Long Island iced Teas and 2 double shots of Jack and Coke.

14. I am a Christian. I have studied other religions, but Christianity is what I chose to believe in. It’s real!

13. I usually have lucid dreams!

12. In the wintertime I don’t shave my legs as often! Gross right? Yea whatever.

11. I’ve owned three cars and one motorcycle in my lifetime so far. And I’ve named them.

10. The longest I’ve ever gone without sleep is 36hrs-and now I wasn’t working. It was all recreation time!

9. The longest friendship I’ve had has lasted 20yrs- and counting

8. I nursed my children for a total of 23month! (That has to break a record)

7. I am not a fan of cooking!

6. I like to people watch and make up stories about the people I see.

5. My pick-me-up is a new coat of gel nail polish n a pedicure.

4. The thought of surgery scares me

3. My dream is to travel the world and visit Costa Rica

2. I wanted to be a writer and a nurse when I grew up.

1. The thought of dying crosses my mind at least once a day.

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